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Spare Parts

Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel Chain Links - The Chain Links used to hold the aprons are critical in the alignment and functionality of the dryer. GEM offers Stainless Steel Chain Links as well as Carbon Steel Chain Links as per the requirement of the application.

Nylon Strip Brush - Nylon Strip Brushes with Stainless Steel Holders are used to clean the materials stuck in the holes of the aprons. The length of the brush as well as the length of the bristles can be customised to suit any requirement. Different colors of Nylon Brushes can also be manufactured. If required, Stainless Steel Wire Brushes can also be manufactured upon request.

Door Panels and Door Latches - Door Panels made of Stainless Steel complete with insulation and Door Latches can be provided based on the requirement. These door latches are made of Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel and are extremely resistant to breakage.

Silicone Rubber Gaskets - The Silicone Rubber Gaskets to seal the Drying Chamber are available in ready stock. The colors and the sizes of the gaskets can be made as per requirement. Food Grade Certificate is provided alongwith supply.

Steam Coils - The Steam Coils for the dryers are made of Cupro Nickel Tubes with Aluminium Fins and Stainless Steel Casings. The length of the Steam Coils / Heat Exchangers can be varied depending on the length of each zone. Suitable mating flanges and bolts are provided as standard supply.

Spares for other OEM manufacturers such as Buhler, Wenger, Wolverine Proctor, Mitchell or other customised requirements are also avaialble upon request.

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