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Tunnel Ovens


(Output Capacity : 500 to 3000Kgs/Hr)
(Apron Width : 48" to 60")
(Machine Length : 100 feet to 300 feet)
*Dependent on product
Suitable for Biscuits, Snacks, Bread, etc.

Salient Features of Tunnel Ovens

  • Length of oven heating zone — 100-300 Feet.
  • Length of oven loading zone — 05 Feet.
  • Conveyor band width — 48 / 54 / 60 inch
  • Min. & Max. Temperature — 200° / 325° C
  • Type of baking — Direct / Indirect.
  • Type of Fuel used — Gas (C.N.G. / L.P.G / Diesel.)
  • Floor mounted Central Electrical Control Panel.

The tunnel oven is the best choice for high quality baked products and it is the most advanced food baking equipment.The body of the oven is fitted with a steel steam tight tunnel with zones of the radiator equally divided. Between these zones, stainless steel expansion joints are provided in order to eliminate the expansion of the oven section. For proper inspection of baking goods, inspection windows are provided.
It consist of multiple chambers. The chambers are fabricated out of heat resisting plates and consist of stainless steel shell. Automatic Temperature controller is installed in the control panel.Control panel controls the Circulating fan, Turbulence fan, Auto burner on/off, heating control and motor starters. The top and bottom air circulating perforated ducts are fitted with adjusting damper for even distribution of heat.
The main circulating fan & the suction cone are made of stainless steel in order to protect them from heat. The impeller are balanced to avoid vibration & will give a noise free operation at high speed.
*Each tunnel oven can be customized according to product and capacity requirement.

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