Industrial Tunnel Ovens – Functions and Parameters

Mass production of baked goods will be easier when you have the right equipment. One of the things you must invest in is the tunnel oven, which can be programmed to use different heating methods and conveyor speeds to produce breads, pies, cookies, biscuits, and other baked food. Industrial tunnel ovens are versatile for producing evenly cooked meats and other food items. You can adjust their baking or cooking times, while ensuring a continuous process, so you can save time and increase productivity. Reputable manufacturers of industrial equipment for bakeries offer an array of cutting-edge tunnel ovens that can speed up your production and lower your production costs. Here’s what you can expect from their products:

  • Built to withstand high heat– Baking requires high temperatures to ensure perfect results. High-quality industrial tunnel ovens have steel bodies with multiple radiator zones, and the material can withstand extreme baking temperatures ranging from 200 degrees to 325 degrees Celsius. The ovens also come with multiple chambers that have stainless steel shells and heat-resistant plates.
  • More capacity – You can bake as many goods as you can with an output capacity that is between 500Kgs/Hr and 3000Kgs/Hr.
  • Expandable – Between the tunnel oven zones are fixed stainless steel expansion joints, so expansions can easily be accommodated. Manufacturers of industrial tunnel ovens also provide expansion windows, especially if you got the continuous model. This way, you can easily observe and inspect the quality of your baked goods.
  • Dependable – You can have an industrial tunnel oven customized per your unique requirements. Rest assured, you are getting a high-performance machine that is noise-free for minimal interruptions in the production room.
  • Versatility – High-quality industrial tunnel ovens run on gas, so you can choose among diesel, LPG, or natural gas. They can perform both indirect and indirect baking.
  • Safe – The central electrical control panel is floor mounted, so you do not have to worry about it becoming dislocated or misplaced in case someone accidentally bumps onto it.