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Freeze Dryer Machine

Freeze Dryer

  • Ice capacity up to 100 to 1000 kg in a 24 hr period.
  • Shelf temperature of 20°C to +70°C.
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Industrial Roaster


  • High airflow rates ensuring powerful roasting/drying
  • Easily controllable airflow velocity for different applications
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Multi Pass Conveyor Dryer/Multi-Stage Conveyor Dryer

  • Ease of cleaning - Our multi-pass dryers have convenient designs for easy cleanup.
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Single Pass Conveyor Dryer

  • Maximum consistency - Feature multiple zone temperature control, humidity control and customisable airflow volumes
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Belt Cooler


  • Cools products quickly and completely, without distorting the product
  • Cleaning time of the functional cooler is minimised with modular belts
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