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Consistently providing the best quality of grinding, pulverising and crushing equipment, GEM has emerged as a force to reckon with in the industry. Our grinders not only help in the particle size reduction of food items, but also in de-husking or splitting different types of pulses or lentils. As the best industrial food grinder manufacturer in the market, we strive constantly for our machines to maintain the highest standard of efficiency and durability. Our grinders utilise the use of beaters, hammers or blades. You can use our highly-dependable grinders or pulverisers to expand your company’s feeding and grinding capabilities.

GEM Offers a Wide Range of Grinding Products
  • Spice Mill: It is used to blend different spices in the finest possible way.
  • Multipurpose Grain/Pulse Grinder: This product is used to grind pulses and lentils whilst restoring their protein.
  • Hammer Mill: Our hammer mill easily breaks solid food particles.
  • Pounding Machine: Transform particles into the finest blend using our pounding machine.
  • Wet Rice Grinder: This product of ours conveniently makes rice particles as fine and polished as possible.

Distinct Features of Our Grinders

  • Sturdy grinders capable of undergoing regular wear and tear
  • Cutters and feed conveyors are made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Capable of cutting or grinding noodle or chips, along with grains and pulses

Are you in need of a commercial food grinder? Contact GEM today for getting premium stainless steel grinders providing maximum output capacity.