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GEM creates and exports tunnel ovens specialising in the delivery of high-quality baked products. As a leading-edge industrial tunnel ovens manufacturer, we offer reliable machines to speed up production volumes. Our tunnel dryers are designed with the latest technological implementations. We utilise durable parts to construct our cutting-edge ovens. Our customers benefit from the advanced functionalities of our industrial tunnel ovens.

Key applications of our tunnel ovens are –
  • Biscuits
  • Snacks
  • Bread

Innovational Industrial Tunnel Ovens

Our tunnel ovens come with steel bodies that possess multiple radiator zones. Stainless steel expansion joints are fixed between tunnel oven zones to easily accommodate oven expansions. We provide expansion windows on our continuous tunnel oven machines for effortless baking good inspections. Our ovens are also equipped with multiple chambers with heat-resistant plates and stainless steel shells.

We have equipped our continuous tunnel dryer machines with versatile control panels, containing automatic temperature controller, turbulence fan, circulating fan, heating control, motor starters and auto burner on/off options. We provide top- and bottom-perforated air circulating ducts with controllable dampers to distribute heat evenly. The circulating fan and suction cones are constructed with high-quality stainless steel for heat protection.

We are a revolutionary tunnel dryer manufacturer offering noise-free, high-performance machines. Our ovens can be customised according to customer requirements.

Key specifications

  • Output Capacity : 500 to 3000Kgs/Hr
  • Apron Width : 48″ to 60″
  • Machine Length : 100 feet to 300 feet
  • Length of oven heating zone — 100-300 Feet.
  • Length of oven loading zone — 05 Feet.
  • Conveyor band width — 48 / 54 / 60 inch
  • Min. & Max. Temperature — 200° / 325° C
  • Type of baking — Direct / Indirect.
  • Type of Fuel used — Gas (C.N.G. / L.P.G / Diesel.)
  • Floor mounted Central Electrical Control Panel.