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Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer

GEM’s expertise in the bulk processing performance of vibratory fluid bed dryers is unmatched. We design our machines based on our customers’ specific needs of moisture requirement, temperature limitation or volatile organic compound emission. Custom engineered, along with a variety of options, make GEM the leading vibratory fluid bed dryer manufacturer. We have done away with traditional drying techniques and implemented innovative designs to help you dry at lower temperatures.

Application of Our Fluid Bed Dryers

Be it sluggish materials or temperature-sensitive materials, our bed dryers help to create a sub-fluidised condition that completely eliminates the possibility of burning or discolouration of particles. GEM also has low amplitude fluid bed dryers, which reduce the velocity and create a gentle bed, resulting in less degradation than other mechanical dryers.

Salient Features of GEM Fluid Bed Dryers

  • Optimal sizes that maximise processes
  • Adjustable wire assemblies are available for vibratory fluid bed dryer India for fluidised depth of beds
  • Compact structure, which does not require a huge space
  • Centralised control and monitoring
  • No oozing of oil

Built from sturdy materials, GEM vibratory fluid bed dryers provide you with the assurance of operational longevity. Get your equipment from us and enhance your product quality.