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We are a leading Food and Chemicals drying equipment and ancillary product manufacturer and exporter based in Kolkata, India. With high-quality industrial drying equipment, we have continually pushed our innovative boundaries in this domain. Today, we have established ourselves as a top-tier name in the industrial drying equipment exporter in India.
Keeping in mind your need for advanced grade product at reasonable prices, we bring you economical drying equipment. Our offerings feature longevity, helping us to create a niche in the market. We ensure the use of superb materials and advanced engineering tactics to create machines that deliver better results. From us, you can get specifically configured output as per your processing needs. Talk to our specialists to discuss your preferences

Innovative and All-round Industrial Drying Solutions

Our dedicated team of industrial dryer manufacturer professionals consistently help us to reach newer milestones. Be it the industrial snack drying equipment or the vegetable drying equipment sector, we are a name to reckon with.

Our strategies keep evolving to meet and exceed the needs of our global client base.
The driving force behind our manufacturing and export efforts is our infrastructure. We are equipped with ample space to facilitate a multitude of business operations, processing, sales, packaging and logistics tasks.

Experience and Know-how to Utilise

Ever since our inception, we have gathered expertise about the industry and are still upgrading ourselves. Our talented professionals learn and implement their new found knowledge in each new assignment as an industrial drying equipment manufacturers. That is why, our clients turn to us as the first option for their drying, grinding and blending operations.

Our commitment to quality has helped us become a recognised market leader. As a pioneering industrial dryer manufacturer in India, our objectives involve meeting your specific demands and simplifying things for you.

Get in touch with us to know more.

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To Calculate the Feed Rate or the Output Capacity per Hour of your product, kindly refer to the following calculations:

Drying Calculation



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Industrial drying equipment

Band Dryer

  • Stainless steel apron dryer
  • Perforated apron trays
  • Silicone rubber gaskets
  • Steam coil/heat exchangers
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Tunnel Ovens

  • Output Capacity : 500 to 3000Kgs/Hr
  • Apron Width : 48" to 60"
  • Machine Length : 100 feet to 300 feet
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Combination Fluidbed Dryers

  • Stainless steel grid plates.
  • Top circuit and bottom circuit SS trays.
  • Alloy chains with high heat resistance.
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Tray Dryer Manufacturer

Batch Type Tray Dryers

  • Large propeller fans, for circulation of air, are fitted inside in a well-balanced manner.
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Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturer

Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer

  • Optimal sizes that maximise processes
  • Adjustable wire assemblies are available for vibratory fluid bed dryer India for fluidised depth of beds
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Rotary Dryer Machine

  • They are easy to operate and generate faster outputs. They can be utilised for different functions like cooling, drying and calcination.
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Lyophilizer Manufacturers in India

Freeze Dryer

  • Ice capacity up to 100 to 1000 kg in a 24 hr period.
  • Shelf temperature of 20°C to +70°C.
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  • High airflow rates ensuring powerful roasting/drying
  • Easily controllable airflow velocity for different applications
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Multi Pass Conveyor Dryer/Multi-Stage Conveyor Dryer

  • Ease of cleaning - Our multi-pass dryers have convenient designs for easy cleanup.
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Conveyor Belt Cooling System

Single Pass Conveyor Dryer

  • Maximum consistency - Feature multiple zone temperature control, humidity control and customisable airflow volumes
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Belt Cooler


  • Cools products quickly and completely, without distorting the product
  • Cleaning time of the functional cooler is minimised with modular belts
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  • Sturdy grinders capable of undergoing regular wear and tear
  • Cutters and feed conveyors are made from high-quality stainless steel
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  • Our graders have fully enclosed design with unitised screen frames. They enable easy assembly, maintenance and cleaning.
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washing system

Washing Systems

  • Non-mechanical designs that treat products gently whilst effectively removing all bacteria, stone, sand and floating wastes
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Paddle Dryer

  • Efficient drying of sludge and paste through direct contact
  • Capacities up to 5 tons per hour.
  • Complete product discharge.
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Flash Dryer

  • Short retention time
  • Appropriate for a wide range of materials
  • Low product attrition
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Double Drum Dryer

  • Acid Voilet
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • Sodium Salt of BDSA
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Single Drum Flaker / Single Drum Dryer

  • Acetanilide
  • Benzoic
  • Fatty acids
  • Organic resin
  • Caustic Soda
  • Magnesium chloride
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Renato 'Bambi' S Pavon

Jr., Vice President -Operations,
Peter Paul Philippine Corporation, Philippines

He escuchado sobre el progreso de su equipo de secado y nuestro personal se sorprendió de su desempeño, que está por encima de la media en comparación con los viejos secadores que tenemos.

He aconsejado a los gerentes de planta de ambas plantas que se comuniquen con usted sobre la actualización de nuestros secadores existentes para cumplir con las especificaciones del nuevo.

En consecuencia, me gustaría felicitarlo por la nueva tecnología que ha integrado en el equipo de proceso de secado.

Anoop Khandelwal

Owner and CEO
PT Unicoconut Industries Indonesia, Indonesia

Unicoco, Indonesia, estaba entusiasmado con el proyecto Coconut, pero a través de GEM conseguimos que este sueño se hiciera realidad. Las máquinas de GEM: secadoras / transportadoras de tornillo / blanqueadoras / niveladoras, etc. son absolutamente buenas y requieren poco mantenimiento. Además, recibimos soporte de ellos 24 × 7 en caso de que nos atascamos en cualquier momento.

Cesar Q.Galvez

Vice President - Operations
Franklin Baker Company of the Philippines, Philippines

Franklin Baker Company de Filipinas, en su continuo esfuerzo por ser el estándar de oro en productos procesados de coco, continúa asociándose con los mejores proveedores OEM para nuestros requisitos de líneas de fabricación. Uno de ellos es GEM Forgings, que ha sido nuestro proveedor confiable de equipos de proceso para nuestros secadores DC (coco desecado). Ambos valoramos la calidad y el nivel de servicio en nuestros tratos comerciales.

Tran Van Duc

Ben Tre Investment Coconut Joint Stock Company (BEINCO), Vietnam

GEM nos ha proporcionado excelentes secadores y equipos. Su calidad de productos y su compromiso con BEINCO en términos de su servicio han cumplido nuestras expectativas y son uno de nuestros principales proveedores de equipos …