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  • Belt Cooler


GEM has been a reputable manufacturer of conveyor cooler for years. We provide the most efficient series of high-powered coolers. Our coolers are specifically designed to fulfil the needs of many types of packaging lines. Your key to large-scale success is finding the most suitable type of continuous conveyor cooler from our company and boost your production. Our high-quality coolers help to reduce the internal heat of the products after they are taken out of the baking chamber.

Important Features of GEM Conveyor Coolers

  • Cools products quickly and completely, without distorting the product
  • Machines are equipped with air intakes that draw in an adjustable amount of fresh air into the chamber
  • Waiting time is reduced considerably and the product is stabilised before packaging
  • Variable speed drives and variable speed AC motors are available
  • Number of belt options are available to choose from and the standard components are custom engineered
  • Cleaning time of the functional cooler is minimised with modular belts
  • Made from stainless steel to perform heavy duties

GEM’s modular-fashioned equipment offers maximum optimisation of output. The installation can differ in its width and size. Get in touch today to get yourself the most efficient conveyor cooler for your needs.