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  • Industrial drying equipment
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  • Industrial food drying equipment

Band Dryer

GEM offers advanced band dryer machines to meet the consumable product drying demands for the food industry. We are a leading band dryer manufacturer in India specialising in assorted heavy-duty continuous belt dryer solutions that are 2030 mm to 3250 mm in width and 15000 mm to 45000 mm in length.

Our band dryer solutions consist of various products and spare parts including:
  • Stainless steel apron dryer
  • Perforated apron trays
  • Silicone rubber gaskets
  • Steam coil/heat exchangers
  • Chain links
  • Nylon brushes
  • Travelling guards
  • Apron conveyor plates

Our single stage conveyor dryer options are specialised machinery used in applications like, desiccated coconut chips and granules, cereals, grains, corn flakes, wheat flakes, animal feed, snacks and pigments.


Band Dryer Features

  • Different drying zones – We offer separate zones with designated heating coils for enabling requirement-specific temperature controls. The results are better drying process control, improved output and reduced drying times. Coils can be heated with gas, steam, electricity or thermic fluid.
  • Variable drying times – Our stage-specific Variable Frequency Drives facilitate the setting up of different speeds at each stage. It enables adjustment of product-specific drying times and desired discharge moisture. We provide double, triple and single stage conveyor dryer varieties.
  • Optimum product capacities – Our dryer output quantities are dependent on product, input and output moisture levels and time. Due to substantial core flexibility, maximised outputs are guaranteed for all product types. The average output capacity of our products are 250 to 2500 kgs/hr.
  • Controls and apparatus – We provide a Dedicated Control Panel for operating dryers and zone-specific temperature monitoring, along with options of PLC and SCADA system integration.
  • Service and parts availability – Our engineers set up and perform test runs, in addition to training local engineers regarding cleaning and frequent troubleshooting. We can deliver spare parts whenever required.

We are a reputed apron dryer manufacturer in India with clients across several industry verticals and several countries.