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GEM offers advanced and economical band dryer machines to meet the demands for continuous dryers for the food and chemical industry. We are a leading band dryer manufacturer in India specialising in Continuous Belt/Tray Dryers for Industrial purpose. Our Single/Multi Stage Continuous dryers are designed as per the requirements of our clients with varying widths from 700 mm to 3250 mm and 10000 mm to 45000 mm in length. Multiple Fuel options can be used such as gas, steam, electricity or thermic fluid. Being the best belt dryer manufacturer, our dryers can be found in Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Construction.

Our Belt/Tray Type Continuous Dryers are specialised in applications like:


Desiccated Coconut Chips and Granules, Cereals, Croutons, Bread Crumbs, Grains, Corn Flakes, Soy Nuggets, Wheat Flakes, Oats, Rice Crispies, Puffed Rice, Carrageenan/Seaweed, Fruits such as cranberries, blueberries, grapes, sliced apples, dates, raisins, etc,. Vegetables such as slices onions, celery, peppers, sliced garlic, etc,. Spices/Herbs such as Parsley, Basil, Thyme, Hibiscus Leaves, Brahma Leaves, Paprika, Seeds, Animal Feed, Snacks, Corn Puffs, Roasted Nuts, etc,.


Rubber, Pigments, Sulphur Noodles, Silica Gel, Salt, Clay Pellets, Pigments, etc,.

Other Products:

Wood Chips and Various Fibres


Principle and Construction

The Apron Dryer is made from a tubular structure with insulated panels on all sides to prevent heat loss. It is a continuous tray/apron type dryer wherein wet particles are fed in from one side and the desired dry particles are collected from the other end. Gradual and uniform drying is achieved by multiple fans and steam coils that provide the required temperature in each zone for the particles to dry. A transfer section towards the middle of the machine allows for the particles to overturn and mix evenly facilitating uniform drying. The transfer section which separates the conveyor drives allows different travel times for the tray conveyor belt between the feed side and the discharge side. Humid exhaust air is sucked out from the ductings on the top and the sides and is prevented from circulating in the drying area. A cooler section towards the end ensures that the discharged product is cool enough to be packed without any requirement for a separate cooler.

The Feed Side

The wet materials are fed on the feed side of the equipment and is evenly spread and leveled with the help of a spreader and a leveler respectively across the entire width of the conveyor.

The Conveyor Drive

The conveyor consists of stainless steel trays/aprons connected with each other forming a micro hinge with a wire passing through it. The trays/aprons are fitted with stiffeners to prevent buckling and is fitted to stainless steel chains on both sides of the machine. The chains are driven through stainless steel sprockets and is equipped with an inverter to control the speed of the conveyor thereby setting different residence times for different types of products. Our standard products make us the best mesh belt dryer manufacturer.

Different Zones, Steam Coils and Air recirculation – Different Heating temperatures

The machine is divided into different zones along the length of the dryer. Each zone comprises of a different set of steam coils with its individual circulating fans. This allows the user to set different temperatures in each zone along the length of the dryer by gradually increasing or decreasing the set temperatures as the product travels. PID (optional) controller can set the desired temperature within a +/- 1 degree celsius thereby eliminating variations in temperature.

The circulating fans collect hot air from the steam coils and throw it towards the particle side of the drying chamber. The hot air passes through the product, thereby drying it and is partially re-circulated back towards the steam coils for reheating by the steam coils and to be thrown back again into the drying chamber with the help of the above-mentioned circulating fans once again. The remaining humid air is exhausted with the help of ducts and exhaust fans and is removed from the dryer building.

The Transfer

The transfer section allows for the particles to ‘transfer’ from one tray circuit to another. This helps in overturning of the product and allows for more uniform drying. Also, with the help of more than one circuits, different travel times of each circuit of the conveyor can be set.

Cooler and Delivery End

The dried particles are discharged from the Delivery End of the dryer for further packaging or processing. Suitable scrapers and cleaning brushes are fitted to ensure that the trays are clean before it is returned.

Control Panel, Automation and Instrumentation

The Control Panel comprises of Temperature Indicators, Energy Meter, HMI, Inverters for the conveyor drives, Humidity Indicators (optional) and Chart Recorders (optional) as well as the controls for each part of the dryer. Preset Recipes can be set and selected and the desired temperature of operation and timing of the conveyors can be altered based on specific products.

Customer Service and Spare Parts

Being the best belt dryer manufacturer in India, our engineers are trained to install and provide successful running trials of the equipment and train local engineers on how to clean and troubleshoot the equipment on a regular basis. Spare parts are kept in ready stock at all times to reduce downtime.

Band Dryer Features

  • Economical Conveyor Dryers with a modular construction and can be made according to Various Sizes and applications. The construction of the dryer can be either MS/SS Construction.
  • Different drying zones – We offer separate zones with designated heating coils for enabling requirement-specific temperature controls. The results are better drying process control, improved output and reduced drying times. Multi-fuel options are available for drying such as gas, steam, electricity or thermic fluid.
  • Variable drying times – Our stage-specific Variable Frequency Drives facilitate the setting up of different speeds at each stage. It enables adjustment of product-specific drying times and desired discharge moisture. We provide Single/Multi-Stage dryer varieties.
  • Optimum product capacities – Our dryer output quantities are dependent on product, input and output moisture levels and time. Due to substantial core flexibility, maximised outputs are guaranteed for all product types. The average output capacity of our products are 200-2000 kgs/hr.
  • Controls and apparatus – We provide a Dedicated Control Panel for operating dryers and zone-specific temperature monitoring, along with options of PLC and SCADA system integration.
  • Service and parts availability – Our engineers set up and perform test runs, in addition to training local engineers regarding cleaning and frequent troubleshooting. We can deliver spare parts whenever required.
  • Multi-Stage Conveyor Dryers allows for better control of drying time and allows for a more homogenous drying. Single Stage Drying is also available as per requirement.

Our band dryer consist of various products and spare parts including:

  • Stainless steel apron dryer
  • Perforated apron trays
  • Silicone rubber gaskets
  • Steam coil/heat exchangers
  • Chain links
  • Nylon brushes
  • Travelling guards
  • Apron conveyor plates

All important spares are available in stock or can be made on urgent basis. Service and Support is available from us and from our partners in represented countries.

We are a reputed apron dryer manufacturer/continuous tray dryer (continuous belt dryer) manufacturer in India with satisfied clients across several industry verticals and several countries. Our company is hailed as the best mesh belt dryer manufacturer and our Economical and Efficient dryers are suitable for food, pet food, chemical, fibre and pigments. We will provide you with your specific Industrial Drying Solution for your application as per the customised length and width of the dryer suited to your requirement. Lab Model is available for trials. To Schedule or Demo or to Visit our Factory, you may kindly contact us.

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