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Washing Systems

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Washing Systems

GEM offers advanced washing solutions for vegetables, fruits, leafy greens and much more. Our wide range of washing systems caters to different application needs. Our years of experience in manufacturing these systems makes us capable of meeting the requests and requirements of our customers. Most of the pharmaceutical and food sectors have large-scale production and they rely on our industrial food washing machine to make their ends meet. From the standard hydro-wash flume to the innovative multi-produce Polywash, we present to you the right type of washing system for your application.

GEM Washing System Features

  • Non-mechanical designs that treat products gently whilst effectively removing all bacteria, stone, sand and floating wastes
  • Remove bacteria without the use of any chemical additives
  • Low maintenance and high on reliability
  • Automatically optimises the flow of water and air for washing different types of food products
  • Capable of handling both lightweight floating products and heavy sinking products
  • Optional floating debris removal system for the removal of the smallest of unwanted items

GEM’s range of industrial vegetable washing machine is the most widely used in today’s market. If you want more information, contact us without any hesitation.