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Industrial    Drying    Equipment

Industrial drying equipment

Band Dryer

  • Stainless steel apron dryer
  • Perforated apron trays
  • Silicone rubber gaskets
  • Steam coil/heat exchangers
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Refractance Window Dryer

  • Colour, Flavour and Nutrients of the product is maintained
  • Microstructure of the product is smooth with Uniform Thickness
  • Low loss of Anthocyanin from the product
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Grain dryer

  • Minimum Maintenance
  • High Volume of Drying
  • Reduced Cleaning Time
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Tunnel Ovens

  • Output Capacity : 500 to 3000Kgs/Hr
  • Apron Width : 48" to 60"
  • Machine Length : 100 feet to 300 feet
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Combination Fluidbed Dryers

  • Stainless steel grid plates.
  • Top circuit and bottom circuit SS trays.
  • Alloy chains with high heat resistance.
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Tray Dryer Manufacturer

Batch Type Tray Dryers

  • Large propeller fans, for circulation of air, are fitted inside in a well-balanced manner.
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